Avonleigh Scarf/Hood

Cooperative Press has recently released Fresh Designs: Scarves.

It includes knit patterns for 10 stylish & unique scarves.  My contribution is the Avonleigh Scarf/Hood.  It was inspired by “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”, (I know — a good, long time ago) and how beautiful and mysterious Meryl Streep looked wearing her hooded cape.  Knitted hats, while lovely, can mess with your hair, but a hooded scarf keeps you warm while leaving you well-coiffed!

The scarf begins with a lace edging and then transitions into a vine wandering back & forth across a reverse stockinette background, decorated with leaves & berries. The two sides of the scarf are knit separately and then grafted together. The rounded hood is knit in two pieces and seamed together. (No funny elfin point at the back of your head!) Then, ribbing is picked up around the bottom, making the hood billow nicely. Finally, the hood is attached to the center section of the scarf.

Intermediate knitting skills are required including a little lacework, cabling, bobbles and grafting. (Tip: Bobbles aren’t so bad if you learn to knit them backwards! This video illustrates the process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT-u3MBGFtI )

Flowering Vine Hood

Knit Picks has just released my latest knit patterns, Flowering Vine Hood (Adult Size) and Flowering Vine Hood (Child – 2 sizes).  My beautiful friend and her gorgeous daughter graciously modeled for me.


Finished measurements for the child sizes: Top of the head to the neckband 11.5″/29.2cm (13″/33cm),   Neckband length 18″/45.7cm (20″/50.8cm),  One side of the face to the other 18.5″/47cm,  (20″/50.8cm).  The adult size finished measurements: Top of the head to neckband 13″(33cm), One side of the face to the other 21″(53.3cm).

The intermediate skills required are cabling, lace work, I-cord, kitchener stitch & simple embroidery.  If you’re unfamiliar with any of those skills, take heart!  This pattern would be a gentle introduction.  Both easy-to-follow charts and written instructions are included.

When I designed the hood, I thought it would be a stylish, lightweight cover for those chilly spring days.  Who knew we would bypass that season altogether??  Oh well, fall is just around the corner!

ERRATA:  If you purchased before November 8th, 2012 please take note of the following corrections:

Work st st for 6 sts, pm, work Right Vine Chart (page 4) over 12 sts, pm, work st st for 29(33) sts, pm (center marker), work st st for 29(33)sts, pm, work Left Chart over 12 sts, pm, work st st for 6 sts.  Work chart rows 1-4 only once.  Continue working Rows 5 – 16 until piece measures 4.5″/11.4cm (5.25″/13.3cm) from the top of the ribbing, ending with WS row. 

Also, Right Vine Chart, Row 5 should read:

K4, C4b, k1, yo, ssk, k1.