Ashwood Hoodie

Love of Knitting Fall 2017 has just come out & guess what's on the cover?? My cardigan, Ashwood Hoodie!!!¬†If you look very, very close .... nope, closer than that..... you can see my name right there on the cover. Woo-Hoo!! (Happy dance ūüôā ) So, it's time to break out your needles and get cracking... Continue Reading →


Rhiannon — A Classic Aran Sweater

Rhiannon, Celtic for "Divine Queen", is a cable-lover's dream. ¬†Emblazoned with diamonds for her majesty, this pullover is fit for a queen and for you! ¬†Part of Knit Picks' latest stunning collection, Celtic Journey,¬†Rhiannon is one of 8 cabled creations. The cable panel features a dominant repeating diamond, each embedded with a Celtic braid. ¬†Supporting... Continue Reading →

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