Nancy’s Garden Headband

My beloved test knitter, Nancy, lives in France in a stone house (can you imagine!?) and is a fabulous gardener.  I asked her what I should design next and she said she really needed a headband to wear when she’s working in her garden.  So I designed this headband for her and for you.

This one-piece, seamless headband has I-cord ties so it’s adjustable to fit just right.    The pattern includes both charts and written instructions.  It begins with an I-cord tie and fans out into the flower vine with simple yarnovers and bobbles.  Another chart is worked for the flower vine down the other side, finishing up with the second I-cord tie.  

You can purchase this knit pattern PDF through  here or here.

Flowering Vine Hood

Knit Picks has just released my latest knit patterns, Flowering Vine Hood (Adult Size) and Flowering Vine Hood (Child – 2 sizes).  My beautiful friend and her gorgeous daughter graciously modeled for me.


Finished measurements for the child sizes: Top of the head to the neckband 11.5″/29.2cm (13″/33cm),   Neckband length 18″/45.7cm (20″/50.8cm),  One side of the face to the other 18.5″/47cm,  (20″/50.8cm).  The adult size finished measurements: Top of the head to neckband 13″(33cm), One side of the face to the other 21″(53.3cm).

The intermediate skills required are cabling, lace work, I-cord, kitchener stitch & simple embroidery.  If you’re unfamiliar with any of those skills, take heart!  This pattern would be a gentle introduction.  Both easy-to-follow charts and written instructions are included.

When I designed the hood, I thought it would be a stylish, lightweight cover for those chilly spring days.  Who knew we would bypass that season altogether??  Oh well, fall is just around the corner!

ERRATA:  If you purchased before November 8th, 2012 please take note of the following corrections:

Work st st for 6 sts, pm, work Right Vine Chart (page 4) over 12 sts, pm, work st st for 29(33) sts, pm (center marker), work st st for 29(33)sts, pm, work Left Chart over 12 sts, pm, work st st for 6 sts.  Work chart rows 1-4 only once.  Continue working Rows 5 – 16 until piece measures 4.5″/11.4cm (5.25″/13.3cm) from the top of the ribbing, ending with WS row. 

Also, Right Vine Chart, Row 5 should read:

K4, C4b, k1, yo, ssk, k1.


Lace & Cable Hooded Scarf

Knit Picks just released my Lace & Cable Hooded Scarf!  (You gotta love Knit Picks — They are awesome to work with!! )


The lace & cable scarf has a hood built in for style and warmth.  The cable forms a nice, ropey edge. The lace & cable section is a 23 st X 38 row repeat that is both charted and written out in line-by-line instructions. It requires intermediate skills including a little lacework, cabling, simple shaping and seaming.  It uses 730 yards of DK yarn.  For a really luxurious feel, use Knit Picks Capra Cashmere (as shown in the photos).  Or for a soft but more affordable scarf, use Knit Picks Swish DK Superwash Merino.

ERRATA:  If you purchased before Oct. 1, 2012, please note the following errata —

Row 1 (WS): Work Right-Winding Cable for 6 sts, k1, pm, work Lace & Cable Chart Row 1 (see page 3), pm, k1, work Left-Winding Cable for 6 sts.

Row 2: Work Left-Winding Cable for 6 sts, p1, work Lace & Cable Chart Row 2 between markers, p1, work Right-Winding Cable for 6 sts.

Row 24: K1, C3f, p3, k9, p3, C3b, k1.

Tree of Life Felted Bag

Knit Picks has just posted my latested design Tree of Life Felted Bag.

A cabled tree stretches across the front of this lightly felted bag.  It is roughly 13.5″ wide X 12.25″ tall.  This bag is knit in the round and is seamless except for one small graft connecting the handle.  You can choose between an I-cord handle (as shown) or a simple flat handle.  It is lightly felted for strength & durability.  It requires just 4 skeins of worsted weight feltable wool.  The pattern, including large tree chart with key, is available through Knitpicks, my Etsy shop Daydreamerknits, or Craftsy.

Happy Monster Pillow Buddy has just released my Happy Monster Pillow Buddy!  He’s sweet & cuddly and ready for your favorite little one

to drag around and snuggle with.  This knit pattern includes a little intarsia, working with double pointed needles and some simple embroidery.  He’s roughly 12″ square, not including arms & legs.  (The back panel shows a sleeping monster.)  He’d make a great gift — the defender of happy dreams!!

Midtown Cowl in Interweave Knits ….

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is buy-now.gif

and it’s killing me not to use an exclamation point but I noticed that I, perhaps, overuse them 🙂  I overuse smiley faces as well, but I have no intention of cutting back on those 🙂  Anyhow, here I am at a Barnes & Noble in Memphis with Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011 open to my pattern.  That’s right…I’m published!  (I know, I know…I just couldn’t hold back on that one.)

Here is what it looks like in Interweave Knits,

and a photo my son, Ian, took of it:

🙂                             🙂                                   🙂

Petite Purls is Out!

The Summer Solstice 2010 issue of Petite Purls is out and my shrug is in it! 

My model was amazing!   Like she was born for it!

What a cutie!!!  The pattern is free and sized for sizes 4, 6, 8 & 10.  Check it out at! 

And did you know that a huge bunch of wild daisies smell exactly like stinky feet??  They really do!!  She was an amazing sport 🙂

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope yours was a warm and happy holiday weekend!  We took the boys camping which is always fun (and exhausting).   Here are a couple of my favorite views from the trip.

He had, of course, just been throwing rocks in the creek.  And then the view looking up…

Thank you to everyone who made this possible…fishing in the creek, eating too many hot dogs and gazing up through tranquil trees…in freedom.  How lucky you have made us all.

Welcome One & ALL!

This is my fledgling attempt at a blog.  I’m glad you’re here!  I’m doing my best to design knitwear and I plan to discuss that process & related experiences, and some other stuff, too.  Also, I LOVE movie quotes!  So here’s my first one: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.  But today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.”  Name that movie: