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Hi!  I’m glad you stopped by!  My name is Jenny Williams and I am mom to 2 awesome boys that I’m crazy about.  I am also a knitwear designer.  The drawing is one I did of my youngest son during a nap roughly 10 years ago (heavy sigh).  He had Carter pj’s that said “If they only stayed little a little longer”.  So true, so true. Now, the big son is soon headed off to college. How did that happen?? Exciting times for a proud mama.

I love the whole process of coming up with something new.  Perusing stitch dictionaries, sketching, swatching, blocking — the whole 9 yards!  I get bored easily, so I almost always include something to keep it interesting — cables, stranded colorwork, lacework — anything to avoid acres of stockinette.  Seeing a design come to life is so satisfying.  And having other people enjoy them too is the BEST!

When I don’t have to concentrate, I daydream while I knit.  I think about my kids, now and when they were little, who they will be when they are grown.  I think about trips we’ve taken, places I’d like to go and what we might have for dinner.  I run movies in my head or hear music from my favorite radio station, 40’s on 4 (XM 73).  One thing I can count on, I will be more relaxed after I have knit for a while than when I began.  Pretty sweet!!


3 thoughts on “About . . .

  1. I have been trying to purchase your tree of life pattern via knitpicks but have been unable to due to the fact I live in the UK any ideas?


  2. I have some left-over Lett-Lopi (2 skeins) and Lopi Iceland fleece wool (about 2 skeins). Would this yarn be appropriate to use for the felted Tree of Life bag?


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